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Pro Rug Cleaners Sydney offers a professional rug cleaning service in the Sydney metropolitan area and will come to you.

We are the Sydney rug cleaning experts and know how to deliver a high-quality service that gets results. This is because we are experienced, professional, and have developed and fine-tuned a specialsed process designed to clean, sanitise, and deodorise your rug effectively.

Don’t hesitate and contact us today to make a booking and one of our technicians will come around to perform our amazing rug cleaning Sydney service on your rug to leave it fresh and hygienically clean.

Our process has been designed to offer a hygienic clean using safe solutions and procedures

We service the entire Sydney metropolitan area and will come to you anywhere in this region.

We operate 7-days a week in order to provide a high-quality service to our clientele when they need it.

Pro Rug Cleaners Sydney
Rug Cleaning Service

Pro Rug Cleaners Sydney offers the best rug cleaning service in Sydney.

We are a rug cleaning company that only focuses on one thing; cleaning rugs! This means you’re dealing with specialised professionals who know what to do. Don’t hire a carpet cleaning company that also cleans rugs; You want a rug cleaning company that only cleans rugs.

We have developed a 7-Stage cleaning process designed to clean, sanitise, and deodorise your rug effectively while also treating stains and marks for removal or improvement. The first step of our cleaning process is to identify the fibre composition of your rug. While you could look at the label on the underside of the rug and tell us when you make your booking, sometimes there isn’t a label present. This means we need to rely on our expertise to successfully identify what your rugs made of and then decide the best approach to take while cleaning it.

This is because different types of rugs require different methods and techniques applied in order to get the best possible result. Some materials don’t handle moisture and cleaning solutions very well while others can handle a lot. This is why you should trust the professionals and contact Pro Rug Cleaners Sydney today to organise a booking.

Rug Cleaning Professionals

Persian Rug Cleaning

Persian and Oriental rug cleaning requires care and special attention. They are well known for their intricate patterns and dense weaves.

These dense piles can hold and hide a lot of dust particles so removing these effectively before the clean is initiated is crucial.

We have cleaned many different kinds and styles of Persian and Oriental rugs and we also test it first for colour fastness to be sure that it’s safe to proceed.

Wool Rug Cleaning

Cleaning wool rugs requires a gentle procedure and care. We use wool-safe cleaning solutions and clean water to get a thorough clean into the fibres of the rug.

Wool rugs placed in high-traffic areas can accumulate dirt and grime quickly and also have a propensity to show track marks.

Because of this, they should be cleaned by a professional on a regular basis and maintained regularly at your home.

Shaggy Rug Cleaning

Shag rugs look great but due to the density and length of the fibres they can accumulate and hold a lot of dirt and particles.

You may notice that even after vacuuming your rug that there are still loose particles if you part the fibres.

This is why cleaning shaggy rugs requires a deep clean that can only be achieved by a professional rug cleaning service that gets deep into the rug and in between the fibres effectively.

Cotton Rug Cleaning

Cotton rugs are very popular now due to the vibrant colours and styles that can be achieved using this material.

Because of their absorbent nature, they will soak up virtually everything they’re exposed to.

This style of rug also requires a certain method to be applied in order to get the best result. A lot of them are also reversible which means that both sides need equal treatment and time for a good result.

Silk Rug Cleaning

Silk is a very delicate material and certain cleaning methods need to be applied when dealing with it. When cleaning silk rugs the use of heat must be eliminated as this can cause permanent damage to the fibres.

Extreme care must also be taken while activating the cleaning solution so that the fibres don’t lose their luster.

Cleaning Chinese silk rugs takes even more care and should only be done by the experienced professionals.

Vintage Rug Cleaning

These types of rugs are quite delicate due to the way that they’re made.

Sometimes they hide problem areas that aren’t visible until after they have been properly cleaned so while they may look like they’re in good condition they may actually not be.

Care needs to be taken while cleaning these rugs and it’s best that a professional rug cleaning company does it in order to get a good result while minimising potential damage.

Synthetic Rug Cleaning

Nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, olefin, and polyester are common types of synthetic rugs. These materials are manufactured and then solution or acid dyed to get the colours.

Synthetic rugs are actually great for cleaning from a professional standpoint due to their composition. This means that we can effectively clean them using our specialised 7-stage cleaning process and can also treat stains or marks that may be stubborn.

Spot Cleaning Rugs

We can treat a wide variety of spots, marks, and stains including tea, coffee, urine, blood, faeces, food, drink, dirt, oil, grease, paint, slime, gum, and more.

Unfortunately some of these will be permanent as too much damage has been done but there’s a chance that we can improve and lessen the visibility of the problem area. Be sure that you try to soak up a spillage as soon as it happens and do not rub in order to avoid spreading. Read our FAQ for more information.

Viscose Rug Cleaning

Viscose is artificial man-made silk and is also known by the names rayon, art silk, bamboo silk, banana silk, nitro silk, bemberg silk, acetate, modal, and lyocell. This material is extremely problematic and is not designed to hold up in everyday life.

Cleaning these types of rugs can be challenging and results will vary depending on the condition, quality, damage, and level of soiling the rug has. We strongly suggest against cleaning these yourself.

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We Love Rug Cleaning

We love what we do.

Here at Pro Rug Cleaners Sydney, we have seen a wide variety of different rug types and fibre compositions. Because of this, we know the best methods and techniques to apply in order to clean them effectively and also to maintain them. So if you need the best stain remover for your shag rug or just a general carpet clean for your special Turkish carpet, we are the team for you. We offer a range of services and will be happy to provide them with a smile.

Specialised Process

We have created a specialised process designed to effectively clean, sanitise, and deodorise your rugs while also treating spots, marks, and stains.

Fibre Protection

We can add fibre protection treatment to your rug as an optional extra. This is designed to aid in stain prevention and removal and is highly effective.

Water Damage Treatment

Act fast if your rug has received water damage and arrange a booking with us now. This needs to be treated as soon as possible to remove the moisture and prevent cellulosic browning.

Urine Treatment

Urine needs to be removed and treated to destroy the crystals as soon as possible. We will try to do this but there’s always a chance that the damage has been done and is permanent.

Odour Treatment

Has something happened that’s causing an unpleasant odour to linger? Then get in touch with us today because we have multiple solutions to deodorise and treat problematic odours.

Stain Removal Treatment

We can treat a lot of different types of stains and potentially remove them as well depending on the level of damage and soilage to the rug. Be sure to blot up as much as you can once a spillage occurs.

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Drying Process

Stylish Rug Cleaning in Sydney

Get Your Rugs Hygienically Cleaned

Pro Rug Cleaning Sydney will be delighted to come to you anywhere in the greater Sydney metropolitan area. We specialise in rug cleaning and love what we do. You can be sure that we’re the experts and know how to properly clean your rug to get it looking fresh and vibrant again.

Don’t hesitate to contact us now and make a booking. We will come to you and all you need to do is make sure your rug is easily accessible for us to perform our service. On the odd occasion, we may suggest that we take your rug away for a specialised clean off-site to get better results depending on the type of rug and level of soilage.

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