About Pro Rug Cleaners Sydney

“We believe we are the best rug cleaning service in Sydney, if not all of Australia. We have developed a 7-Stage cleaning process that effectively cleans, sanitises, and deodorises rugs while attacking stubborn marks, spots, and stains. If you want the best Sydney rug cleaners for the job, then we’re the experienced professionals you need.””

 – Pro Rug Cleaners Sydney Team

About Pro Rug Cleaners Sydney

Our Core Values


We know that there are a lot of dodgy operators out there in this industry who don’t care about you or your rug. We’re different, and offer a high level of professional service that goes far beyond simply cleaning a rug.

The care and safety of performing each job are very important to us. We take care with the placement of our equipment and your rug while also controlling the level of moisture we use.


We keep an open mind and listen to our clientele. We listen to your concerns and how we can deliver the best possible result while performing our specialised rug cleaning service.

We want to be the best and believe we are the best. In order to uphold our standards, we always keep up with the market to see how rugs are being constructed and new and emerging styles that are coming out.

Team Work

Whether there’s one technician showing up to do the job or even three, teamwork is crucial and extends beyond performing the service. We communicate amongst each other when needed in order to be the best.

Because styles and fibre compositions do change over time, we need to be on top of our processes so we can deliver the best possible service. This means testing different solutions, equipment, and procedures.

Our Clients

We are driven to do the best possible service.
We pride ourselves on making our clients happy
and offer our service built on quality and service.
Our clients are you.

No matter what you do or who you are, we want to provide our service to you.

Whether your rug is at your home or in your place of business, we will come to you anywhere in Sydney. Be sure to contact us now and arrange for a technician to come around as soon as possible.

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