Pro Rug Cleaners Sydney offers a professional rug cleaning service in Sydney and will come to you anywhere in the metropolitan area. We specialise in cleaning rugs and know how to identify different types in order to apply the best cleaning method. This ensures that we get good results and happy customers. Be sure to contact us today so that we can arrange a technician to come around and perform our rug cleaning service.

A rug should be professionally cleaned at least once per year. More often if there are spillages that require our treatment. Otherwise, you should regularly vacuum your rug once or twice a week depending on how dirty it gets.

Fibre protection treatment is designed to prevent the setting in of stains and to make removing them easier. You still need to clean up a spillage as soon as possible, but it aids by keeping the spillage from penetrating the fibres deeper and setting in. We highly recommend that you get fibre protection for all of your rugs. Be sure to ask us about this when you make a booking.

Yes, we regularly deodorise and sanitise rugs. Persistent and heavily soiled ones may require an off-site clean.

We can move most pieces of furniture to clear the rug. Heavy pieces of furniture such as pool tables and cabinets will need to be moved prior to our arrival. Otherwise, we will need to clean around anything that can’t be moved.

If your rugs fibres haven’t been permanently affected by a spillage then there’s a great chance a stain can be removed. You should contact us as soon as possible to remove the stain so we can have an increased chance of removing it.

The cost of rug cleaning will be determined by the size, make, style, fringes, and size of the rug. We don’t charge extra for stain or odour treatment as this is included in the standard service charge. We also don’t charge extra for coming to you either no matter which Sydney suburb you’re located in.

Yes, the majority of the time we will clean your rug in your home or business. The only time we will take the rug away is when we advise you that a better clean will be achieved off-site in a facility. This will be dependent on the type of rug and level of soilage it has. You can decide which clean you would prefer if we recommend an off-site clean but if we suggest it then your rug would definitely benefit from it more.

Yes! Be sure to vacuum frequently, at least once a week and more if the rug is in a high traffic area. Also blot up spillages as soon as they happen so you can try prevent a stain from setting in.


You can contact us if you would like more information about our rug cleaning service. We will be happy to respond to your enquiry and arrange a time for a technician to come around.